Thilo R. Huning

Lecturer in Economics

If you only have a hammer then everything looks like a nail.

GIS Data opens a new world of empirical research. However, spatial analysis is complex, and very diverse in methods and data requirements. Luckily, provided with the right tools and ideas, complex questions can be answered. When teaching, I try to combine relevant research questions with an apt identification strategy, and empirical methods to follow it.


Summer 2017

I am giving a seminar on political economics in the very long run "The Economic History of the State", joint with Nikolaus Wolf, where we will provide some theory on Growth in a Malthusian society and the emergence of political institutions from the Neolithic Revolution to the day, and I am also giving the tutorial for Advanced International Trade.


Winter 2016/17

I will give the course "Agglomeration Economics" again, as many students from the first course also wrote excellent master thesises using GIS.

Summer 2016

I am giving a seminar on Applied Growth Theory which is losely based upon Acemoglu: “Introduction to Modern Economic Growth”, Galor: “Unified Growth Theory” and Romer: “Advanced Macroeconomics (4th ed.)”. I am also tutoring for Economic History II (1918 to today) joint with Felix Mihram.


Winter 2015/16

As I am visiting Berkeley for a semester, I will not be teaching.


Summer 2015

I am giving two seminars this summer. "The Economic History of the German Empire 1881-1914" is also open to bachelor students and is based on papers. "Agglomeration Economics" is master only and will prepare to write a seminar paper using QGIS and/or spatial statistics. It will also feature papers with central ideas on why the world isn't flat.


Winter 2014/15

This winter I will give "The Economic History of Prussia", which will feature papers on the New Economic Geography and the instituional development of this important adopter of the Industrial Revolution. I advice reading "The Iron Kingdom" by Christopher Clarke along with the course, as we will not cover history during class.


Summer 2014

This semester I will tutor both for "Advanced International Trade" based on Feensta's book and "Methods in Economic History" based on papers you will find on the Moodle page of the course.


Winter 2013/14

I will be doing a paper seminar on "Spatial Economics" joint with my advisor Nikolaus Wolf, and also give "European Historical Statistics", which is open to bachelor students and will include an empirical seminar paper.


Summer 2013

In "Data Management and Empirical Economics", I will combine insights from Information Systems and the needs of empirical researchers.


Winter 2012/13

Big data has been a `buzz word' for empirical research for years. In "Large Datasets and Economic History", I will provide some background, applications, theoretical foundations, and software solutions to deal with large amounts of data. Software includes SQL, QGIS, and R. Students will write an empirical seminar paper.